3 Dynamic Advertising Platform Options:

There are 3 Advertising Platforms, PLUS the Ultimate... PLATINUM!

Think of your Advertising Platform as a Virtual Billboard, where your Deals and Prizes are displayed to our Members... 
Remember, they actually WANT to see them! That's why they visit this site repeatedly! 
     * DEALS are displayed in the following order: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze
     * PRIZES can be displayed with the most valuable Prizes first
     * Each Platform includes a specific number of re-useable Deal Listings and Prize Listings
     * Deals that are set at 72 Hours or less are also displayed as "HOT DEALS"
     * Advertising Partners are encouraged to provide one or more Prizes per month
        (Bronze: $25 Prize; Silver: $100 Prize; Gold: $500; Platinum: $1,000+)
     * Providing weekly Prizes can substantially increase your Sales,
        your Branding and your Goodwill!
     * Prizes draw Members to your Deals like Magic!


BRONZE Platform:

  • EVERY BUSINESS CAN AFFORD THIS PLATFORM! Created especially for small businesses, this Bronze advertising Platform leverages the dynamics of community for maximum exposure at an extremely affordable rate. No other advertising package offers local businesses the ability to PROVIDE MULTIPLE DEALS AT ZERO COST PER DEAL, WITHOUT COMMITMENT, AND FOR ONLY $10 PER MONTH!

    Regular Bronze Platform* Rental Rates:
    Monthly: $29/mo        Yearly: $348      
    Get the BRONZE NOW!  Cancel any time. Monthly only... $10

  • OR, Try the Bronze for 90 days FREE!
    Just contribute at least one $25 Gift Card to one of our Prize Drawings within the
    90 days. That's it!

    <<< CLICK the medallion for Details!

SILVER Platform:

  • The SILVER advertising Platform is designed to provide expanded exposure for small to medium sized businesses and internet based companies with 8 congruent Deals instead of 3 (with the Bronze), PLUS, the SILVER Deals are always displayed above the Bronze Deals!

    Silver Platform Rental Rates:
    Monthly: $99/mo        Yearly: $1,188  

GOLD Platform:

Watch our Advertising Videos:

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